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How a Local Church Benefit from a Prayer App

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While it might sound incredulous, faith is increasingly turning towards the marvels of technology to maintain members and attract more followers. Churches, temples, and charitable organizations are moving towards digital platforms, mobile applications, and social media for reaching out to fellow believers.

Faith and technology

In recent years, we have seen several examples of religious institutions and organizations turning to digital technology for effective communication. Several churches and temples have turned to Facebook and Instagram to share photos and videos about events and discourses. Religious organizations often share updates and notifications to reach out to fellow believers. Religious and spiritual leaders even maintain Apps to increase the number of followers and accept donations.

A well-made mobile Application for your local church or temple can effectively spread the word of God. This article explores the benefits of mobile Apps for religious organizations and how such organizations can effectively use Apps to popularize their respective faiths.

Traditionally, all religions have depended on missionaries and saints to spread the word of God. This is particularly true for Christianity. Churches have historically been dependent on a select group of practitioners to spread the teachings of Jesus. Other forms of communication have involved organizing Mass, prayer services, and fundraisers.

While all these are time-honored methods of reaching out to followers, nothing can beat the power of digital communication in terms of reach, the immediacy of the message, and its efficacy in attracting new followers. Here are some of the key benefits of having a church mobile 


  • All churches in the world aim to promote their faith and save lost souls. Apps help you to display your mission prominently. However, like a corporation, your success depends on how well you show your mission statement. A smart mission statement displayed prominently in an App might help you to get more followers. A smartly built App that capably displays your religious beliefs adds to efforts like pastors reading out from the Bible at a Sunday church prayer service.
  • You can share photos and videos of your church via your church’s mobile Application. A gallery full of beautiful pictures can help your followers connect better with your church and God. Churches can even share photos of the church’s architecture and the beautiful artworks they possess. You can also share pictures of important events such as Easter and Christmas Mass or fundraisers you might have organized. You can also upload videos easily of Bible study circles or sermons delivered by pastors to inspire your congregation.
  • The App can also send important updates about upcoming events. Whether a fundraiser or a blood donation camp, church attendees can get constant updates and notifications about upcoming events once they have downloaded the church App and registered themselves on it.
  • An App can help feature all the services your church provides. Showcasing your church’s services through the App will help you attract more followers and help them make informed choices. All churches are involved in several community activities, such as running schools, hospitals, and dispensaries. 

The Ark Connect app is a Bible-based app that allows Bible-based Christians to stay connected in the last days in prayer from all across the globe. It is intended to be a safe place for believers to make meaningful conversations, share encouraging testimonies, and support fellow church members looking for hope and reassurance. 

Let us strive to be the light that outshines the darkness around us with our faith and purpose in Christ and through the proper and adequate use of our devices. We see this App as an end-day revival amidst the churches and encourage every believer to participate in the platform.